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By Ida, April 3rd, 2016 in Malmö

For the last couples of months the list of things to do before we set out has seemed endless. There have always been something new to buy and try out, wardrobes and boxes to sort out and decide if we should keep it, try to sell it or give it to charity. To decide what kind of vaccinations we should get, which insurance that will cover our crazyness and so on... 

And today our journey - our attempt at travelling by bicycle from Malmö, Sweden to Singapore - begins! We can't say we've accomplished all the things on our list but the boxes considered essential, are at least ticked and the rest, we can sort out along the way. Europe will be our warm up route as it is well populated, we can make ourselves understood and if we realized that there is something we need - we'll be able to buy it or fix it easily. 

During the week we said our goodbyes to friends and families and I have to say its been with mixed feelings; the sadness that comes with leaving mixed with the anticipation of the journey to come.

So wish us good luck and lets see how far we will get!

Also, thanks everyone that came to our Going-away party! Especially Johan and his bloody glitter... And thanks Susanne and Mika for letting us stay with you guys the last couple of days to sort out the last things (since we didn't have an appartment anymore...). Also, thanks Nina and Thomas for the flag and Sofia for a lovely first pitstop

About this blog; we didn't have time to get every aspekt of this webpage up and running before we left but we will sort that out in the next couple of days and weeks. For now, the blog part is working, together with the route showing where we are at. That will have to do for now. We'll try and write again as soon as possible.