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By Robin & Ida, April 13rd, 2016 in Prague

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Our journey has now officially begun! 

We've been at it for eleven days, biked almost 900 km and just arrived in Prague where we'll park our two-wheeled companions for a couple of days. 

So what have we been up to over the last 10 days? Well, our journey began with the long and strenuous trip from Västra hamnen to Hyllie train station in Malmö. By utilizing ninja like stealth techniques we then managed to avoid both police and border patrol as we made our way into the unknown they call Denmark. As the 20 minute crossing had left us famished we were happy to find our friend Sofia waiting on the other side with provisions. 

Fika with Sofia

No, in all honesty the first day was a easy and short day as we only rode for about 45 km. But right then distance was of no importance to us; the only thing that mattered was that we were finally on our way! 

The next couple of days we biked our way to Gedser where we took the ferry (aka cheated according to Robin) to Rostock, Germany; our third country in as many days. 

Once in Germany though, we had to pick up the pace as we had fallen behind our schedule and had dinner reservations for the 7th of April in Berlin. It also didn't help that we got lost taking a “short cut” through the woods (se picture below) or that a bridge along our planned route was under construction forcing us to double back for about an hour. But we made it!

Lost in the woods

Berlin was great as it offered a well deserved rest for our now aching legs. Or almost as, unfortunately, our room at the hostel in Berlin was on the third floor and there was no elevator. We must have looked like an old senior couple taking our time up and down those stairs. 

Also, in Berlin we celebrated Robin's birthday (a couple of days to late) with dinner in total darkness with blind staff. It was an odd experience and a tiny bit claustrophobic...


We also had some nice "normal" food and beer.


After Berlin we set south for Dresden. The two days between the towns were quite uneventful and the gloomy weather with the occasional rain made into it two rather slow days. We did however come across several abandoned houses or ruins we found just by the road in Kommersdorf. We later learned that it used to be weapon office of the German Army which ran a development centre for future weapons. You can read more about it on Wikipedia


It wasn't much later that we decided to call it a day and set up our tent in the nearby forest. We didn't think much of it until it was time to go to sleep but then it hit us; there wasn't a single sound to be heard out there. And I'm not only talking about the sound of cars or people. There wasn't a bird, a critter or even the rustling of the wind. We layed there, a bit spooked, listening to nothing, until we fell asleep. 


After Dresden followed a few quite relaxed couple days in the saddle as we mostly followed the river Elbe and the Elbe radweg (bike path) on our way to Prague. We did do a short dash up the hills by Elbe mostly to ensure that our legs would once again ache but also to enjoy the sweet sweet downhills. 


All and all, things are going well; no accidents, no flat tires and no food poisoning. Not that I want to jinx us. Maybe this is just the calm before the storm but right now we're just going to enjoy it. Speaking of enjoyment; it's time for us to go out and enjoy the dinner our friends Emma and Jelmer gave to us at our Going-away Party!